Our detailed, first meeting ensures our bids are accurate and avoids any costly surprises.
We have worked with contractors we use for years and each contractor is fully aware of their specialty and all that is required of them for your project. It is also their job to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Upon completion of our teams initial meeting and due diligence, we are then able to come to you with a comprehensive bid and proposed schedule.

We will also uncover any issues that may delay or be an added cost to the renovation. We truly do not want any surprises and it is our job to do the best we can to ensure that we find everything we can prior to submitting our bid.

Going with the lowest bid does not mean you get the best deal. While we are competitive, we are also thorough and will provide you with any and all information you need and may not be aware of prior to the start of a project.

While the bidding process that we follow is stringent, it does not always mean that we will be the cheapest.
Example: After the floods here in Calgary in 2013, we were bid on several basement renovations.

Our bid was so thorough, we were $20,000 OVER what every other contractor had bid for this particular job.

Perplexed by our bid, the homeowner called and asked why the exorbitant difference.
We were more than happy to talk to him and explain we had found a cracked foundation, done asbestos testing and mold testing—both of which had come back positive and that we had to allow for proper and safe removal of the hazardous material, as well as the foundation repair.

The home owner was shocked. Not one single other bid included any contingency nor had they done the testing required to ensure the safety both the home owner and their family.

Cheapest is rarely ever the best.

All of the processes for a renovation are the same for our add-ons such as; Garages, Additions, Custom Decks and any Exterior Living add-ons you have envisioned.

We are thorough top to bottom on every project we handle.

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